How to configure Outlook on IOS & Android using Intune (Manual)

If you deployed Intune to your mobile devices, you want to enforce the use of the Outlook app on the mobile device. We want to make the end user experience as smooth as possible and preconfigure Outlook for the. How can we prepare the Outlook app with your company email settings? With just a few steps, we can get this setup!

Step 1: From the Azure Portal go to Intune –> Clients Apps –> App configuration policies and click Add

Step 2: Give the configuration policy a name and description. Select Device Enrollment type, my preferred method is to use Managed apps, because this will deploy the policy to both enrolled and unenrolled devices. Select the Outlook apps on Associated app, and go to Configuration settings.

Step 3: This is the step where it gets cool. Here you can configure the settings for office 365. You can configure this with your own settings.{{username}}{{mail}}   {{userprincipalname}}

Step 4: Now its time to test it, go to a device that has the policy applied. The first screen should show you something like below. This will make the user experience smooth and easy. Only 1 step is required where the user is required to enter their password and tap sign-in.


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