Microsoft adds IPv6 support for Azure VNets (Preview)

Today I noticed a new checkbox in the Azure Portal. Microsoft has released IPv6 in the Public preview for Azure VNets. Virtual machines will be equipped with a dual-stack IP connectivity. Meaning both will be available. With the ending of IPv4 addresses it makes IPv6 mandatory for everybody.

The new checkbox in Azure

From the Azure portal you can now add IPv6 address to the address scope on the VNet level.

The following diagram shows how IPv6 works as a dual-stack next to IPv4

IPv6 network deployment diagram


With IPv6 in Azure you get many advantages:

  • Future ready with private and public IPv6 connectivity
  • Dual-stack virtual neworks with dual stack subnets to allow simultanious connectivity on both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Security on both networks using Network Security Groups
  • Both Linux and Windows are supported
  • Custom routes for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Can be added to existing IPv4 deployments
  • Network peering is supported with dual-stack configurations


  • AKS does not support IPv6 communications with containers
  • ExpressRoute and VPN gateways cannot be used with IPv6 enabled



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