How to setup Azure AD Enterprise app with password sign-on

Some web applications do not support single sign-on authentication. For these applications Microsoft has created an option to save the password in Azure AD. In this manual I am going to explain how to set it up.

STEP 1: Create app

From within the Azure Portal ( go to Azure Active Directory, and then Enterprise Applications, New application

We have to create our own application…

Today I am going to use DMARC Advisor as an example (I don’t any links or benefits with this company, just using it as an example). Microsoft gives you suggestions for enterprise applications in their store, but this is not what we want. So type the name of the app and click Create at the bottom of the page.

STEP 2: Configure the app

We will now configure all settings. First go to properties to change the logo.

Now go to Users and groups and the users and/or groups that require access.

Go to Single sign-on and select Password-based

In the next screen provide the login URL and click on save.

Now verify that Azure has detected the login fields:

Go back to Users and groups, select an user and/or group and click on Update Credentials

Now fill in the credentials that are required for the application.

STEP 3: Test

From a user that received permissions to use the app, go to the Office 365 portal and navigate to all apps (All apps | Microsoft Office)

Before this auto login will work, the user needs to install and browser plugin first:

Install the plugin in Edge/Chrome

After the plugin has been installed, you should automatically login to the desired website.

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