New Office 365 subscriptions without Teams for the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Since 2007 Microsoft has provided communication and collaboration tools. Starting with Lync followed by Skype for Business and since a few years Teams. Where Teams is more than a communication tool, it has native integration in Office 365.


In 2022 the European Commission raised some concerns about the market dominance of Microsoft Teams being integrated with the Office 365 suite. For this reason Microsoft is offering new Office 365 subscriptions to comply with the European regulations.

Read more: New Office 365 subscriptions without Teams for the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Starting October 1st 2023 there will be a few changes in the subscription lineup of the Office 365 suites for customers in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. We will go over the changes.

Enterprise Suites

Enterprise suites will be splitted into new offerings with just Office and a seperate offering for the Teams suite

For customers with existing subscriptions there won’t be a change. Current subscriptions can be renewed and seats can be increased or decreased. If you want to change to the new lineup, you can do that at the end of the current subscription.
However, if a customer wants to buy a new subscription, which isn’t active yet, the new offerings will need to be purchased.

For new customers the road is simple. Only the new offerings are available.

With the new lineup pricing for the offerings without Teams will have a lower price. The new Teams offer will approximately 5 euro/dollar a month, or 60 euro/dollar a year. An price overview:

image 1

Microsoft 365 Business suites

For the business suites there will be new offerings next to the current lineup. Current subscriptions will remain the same, can be switched at the end of the contract, and new subscriptions can be bought. There will also be the possibility to buy and use the new offerings next to the current subscriptions.

The new offerings will come with a lower price than the offers with Teams. An overview of the current and new offerings including a price:

image 2

Frontline suites

For the Frontline suites the sames rules apply as to the Business suites. They can coexist and can both be purchased for existing and new customers:

image 4

More information can be found on the Microsoft website. Announcement: New subscription structure for Microsoft 365 in Europe

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