How to deploy Azure NAT Gateway (Manual)

Microsoft recently announced that direct internet connection for virtual machines will be deprecated at the end of September 2025. So how are we going to grant virtual machines with internet access without an Azure Firewall? We can use Azure NAT Gateway to grant internet access.

image 45

So lets get started!

STEP 1: Create the NAT Gateway

Go to the Azure portal. And search for NAT gateway at the top. And create a new gateway.

image 47

Today we will be deploying the gateway in North Europe, select your resource group, give your NAT gateway a name. Click next when ready.

image 46

If you need more than 1 public IP adress, you can add Public IP prefixes. For now we just need 1 public IP. If you don’t have an Public IP address create one.

image 48

From the next tab select your virtual network, and select which subnets need to go through the NAT Gateway. you can change this later on if you need to.

image 50

As a final step review the configuration and create the NAT Gateway

image 51

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