Change Office 365 & SharePoint default domain name (Manual)

When a company changes it name, it would be nice if the SharePoint url can be changed to reflect the new company name. When you first signed up for Microsoft 365 you created an domain. Even if you add custom domains, this domain will be used for SharePoint and OneDrive URLs.


  • This change only affects only SharePoint and OneDrive URLs. It does not change email addresses.
  • This option is only available for organizations with no more than 1000 total SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts combined
  • When you rename your SharePoint domain, we create a redirect at the previous address
  • You can only change your domain once every six months.
  • You cannot change your SharePoint name back to the original name.



STEP 1: Check the availability of the new domain you want. For example, if you want your SharePoint and OneDrive URLs to begin with, enter in a browser. If you get a message that the address couldn’t be found (404), it’s probably available. If you get a sign-in screen or a message that your username couldn’t be found in the directory, then the domain has already been taken and you’ll need to try a different one.

STEP 2: Go to , from there click on Add custom domain. Please do not use and domains on the Azure Active directory page, as this will not allow the domain to be added!

STEP 3: Fill in the domain, make sure to use

Once added, you should a screen similar to below. If you get a message that the domain isn’t available, try a different domain. If you get a message to create a TXT record, the domain isn’t added successfully.

In the overview pane it should look like below, If the status is NOT “Verified” then you will NOT be able to perform a rename.

STEP 4: Now we are going to use PowerShell to rename your domain.

Please be aware that changing the name is irreversible and might take up several hours to days depending on the number of sites and OneDrives. You should make this change during a low usage period like a weekend or holiday. 

Open a PowerShell prompt and connect to SharePoint online (replace 2azure with your tenant link)

Connect-SPOService -Url ""

Run the following command to change the domainname. Replace 2azurenl with your new domain name from step 3.

Start-SPOTenantRename -DomainName "2azurenl"

STEP 5: We are now going to review the rename. From PowerShell run the following command to review the status of the rename:


Also make sure that if you have any firewall rules that they allow the new domainname. Also review group policies to set the new domain name as trusted.

Review any third-party apps, scripts or websites that link to SharePoint. Make sure that the all use the new link

During this proces, the old domainname gets redirected to the new domain name, but nevertheless, change it where you can.

More information: Change your SharePoint domain name – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

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