How to deploy Azure Stack HCI – Part 2 

In our first blog How to deploy Azure Stack HCI part 1 (Manual) | 2 Azure we learned how to deploy a (single) Azure Stack HCI node and a Cluster. In this manual we will continue the journey and we will setup networking, download images and deploy virtual machines.

image 91

STEP 1: Deploy network

Before we can continue we will need to connect the other network interfaces that you want to use (minimum of 2) and assign the networks a tagged network vlan. When ready go to the Azure Portal and continue to your Azure Stack HCI Cluster, logical networks and click on Create logical network

image 65

From the new blade fill in the required names. Underwater the system will create a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V.

image 66

Now assign a network. Use a different range than the management network. Fill in the VLAN ID you assigned TAGGED on your network interfaces.

image 67

Create the network.

image 68

Wait untill ready. This can take up to 15 minutes.

image 69

Now return to your cluster. As you can see in the validation, we are missing a few requirements before we can deploy Azure VM’s when you click on Prerequisites not met. From the right sids click on Download images from Azure Marketplace.

image 75

From the new page we are going to download a VM image to deploy to the HCI node. Fill in the required fields and select the image that you need. For this manual we used the 2022 datacenter hotpatch edition.

image 76

Run through all steps and deploy the image download.

image 78

Depending on your internet connection the download can take a while.

image 79

When you return to your cluster Dashboard the prerequisites checkbox should be green now.

image 82

From your cluster go to Virtual Machines and click on Create VM

image 83

Fill in all the fields and make sure to enable guest management.

image 84
image 85

If you want you can add an extra disk on the next blade.

image 86

Make sure to select the just created network.

image 87

Review all settings and now deploy your virtual machine!

image 88

Now wait patiently for the deployment to complete.

image 89

When ready you should be able to manage your VM from the Azure Portal:

image 92

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