How to get the license key for SQL Server Reporting Services in Azure

Last week I received the question from a customer where to get the SQL license key… By default you will see the key during SQL installation, but with an Azure deployed SQL virtual machine you will never get to see the key, as its deployed from the Azure Portal.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sql installation wizard license key

Retreive the key from DefaultSetup.ini

So within a few clicks you will be able to retreive the key.

Step 1: Connect and login to your Azure deployed SQL Server VM using RDP.

RDP connection

Step 2: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path: ‘C:\SQLServerFull\x64’

Step 3: Locate the file called DefaultSetup.ini, and open it with Notepad.

The content of the DefaultSetup.ini consists of a line, with PID. This includes your key.

DefaultSetup.ini opened with Notepad

Step 4: Then launch your SSRS installation wizard and use the key from the DefaultSetup.ini file.


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