How to use SharePoint Migration Tool

Last few weeks I’ve been busy with migrating file servers to SharePoint and OneDrive. For this I’ve used the SharePoint Migration tool from Microsoft. Download: Link
With just a few easy steps you are able to migrate your data to SharePoint or OneDrive.

In this manual we will focus on SharePoint only, I will create a OneDrive Manual later on including CSV instruction to perform bulk migrations.

Step 1: First install the SharePoint Migration tool. Once installed, run the SharePoint Migration tool and log in with your Office 365 administrator account that has access to SharePoint.

Step 2: Now let’s start your first migration…

Step 3: Now select the source of your content, for this manual we will migrate from a File Share

Step 4: Now select your fileshare that you want to migrate, for this manual I used my Azure File Sync demo network drive.

Step 5: Now fill in the SharePoint where you want your data to be migrated to.

Step 6: The next step is to select your document library.

Step 7: Click again Next after reviewing the source and destination

Step 8: This last step will give you options about how and what to migrate to SharePoint, including file permissions and version history if any. Depending on your source. If you only want to know if a migration would give you any issues turn on Only perform scanning. When Ready, hit Migrate and wait while the magic happens!


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