Microsoft Entra ID Multitenant organization in public preview

Microsoft has released the ability to setup multitenant environments in Microsoft Entra. With this new feature in Microsoft Entra ID it is possible to define a group of tenants and connect them together to achieve better collaboration between the tenants. This includes the search en discovery of users across tenants and better collaboration using teams.

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Who should use it?

This feature is primarily used for organizations that own multiple tenants, or acquire new organizations and that require more integration. This also avoids the need to invite (guest) users in each tenant, or to create multiple user accounts in each tenant. Here are the main benefits for using Entra ID Multitenant organizations:

  • Better insight in Internal Company users and Out of Company External users
  • Better collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • Improved people search across tenants


  • Global Admin in all joining tenants
  • Entra Premium P1 license in each tenant
  • Tenant ID’s from each tenant (Entra ID Overview Page)

How to set it up?

Step 1: Go to the Office 365 Admin Center in your primary tenant, Settings, Org settings and then select Organization profile. Or use the following link: Settings – Microsoft 365 admin center

Since the setting is in preview, you will only see it when your Release preferences (in this same settings page, see below) are set to Targeted release for everyone. Not recommended for production tenants. Now click on Multitenant collaboration (Preview)


From the new page click on Get started

image 2

Since this is the start of a new multitenant organization, lets create one.

image 3

Give your multitenant organization the required name, fill in a description, and last add the other organization Entra ID in the tenants field.

image 4

Make sure to select both options, without you won’t be able to create a sync and give your end users seamless access.

image 5

Review all settings, and click on Create multitenant organization

image 6

On the final page you will get the invitation message for your other tenants to be able to join the newly created multitenant organization. On your secondary tenant, go over all the steps, but don’t create the new tenant, but select Join an multitenant organization during the wizard.

image 7

When joining, the screen will look like this:

image 8


A few things to consider. When I testing this new feature, I encountered a lot off errors. most of them where in able to join the multitenant organization. With this feature in preview, support from Microsoft is limited. Until released to GA, I don’t recommend it for production purposes.

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